To whom it may concern, We are a breeder of Goldendoodles and Standard Poodles and I would like to say that the Draminski Ovulation Detector was quite a wonderful tool to help us to know when to breed our girls. It is very easy to use and the girls don’t mind it at all.

I would also like to commend Draminski and in particular Michal Dikunow for the considerable help they gave us to make sure we understood the product and it’s uses. The one on one contact is priceless. Michal makes you feel like more of a friend than a client. We would definitely recommend Draminski for all your breeding needs. We are looking forward to purchasing the DogScan machine in the near future and will certainly be getting it from Michal Dikunow at Draminski.


Hello, its Alaa Santali, owner of Megaton Kennel Lebanon, since 1999 I was breeding and many problems I faced like false heat: bleeding and the dog isn’t in heat and the silent heat and also ovulating late or early than 10 days. I recommand it to all breeders and vets to work professionaly. I also want to thank Draminski company and mr Michal Dikunow for the help and answering my many questions and helping me and caring for me and also the fast replies. I bred golden retreivers they got 8 puppies and up/ huskies 6 puppies and up/german shepherds 8 puppies and up/bishon 6 puppies/cavalier king charles between 6 and 9 puppies (usually less than 4 pups). I am very happy to own this device and it worth $4000 or even more.


I have bitches that ovulate early & ‘go over’ very quickly, which the detector showed me. I have been trying time and again to get them into pup and failed, but with the unit, I have now succeeded and achieved fantastic litters. I have recommended you to so many people.


Have talked to Mrs Fry at the Amantra Kennels and she says: It hasn’t missed yet !!!


Our bitches were being mated previously and produced NOTHING or small litters of 1,2 or 3. Mated quite late as shown by the unit and produced a litter of 12 !!! The next bitch produced 10 after miss after miss before.


We now use the Ovulation Detector as part of our boarding kennels business. Bitches boarded & tested daily until ovulation occurs Success rate has been very good !!!


Previously spent £2500 on testing with no pups at all !!! One Bulldog bitch missed 9 times in a row and the other bitch (with a double entry to the cervix) missed 6 times in a row, but with the Draminski Ovulation Detector I got a litter of 5 and 4 at the first attempt !!! It is easy to use and the results are absolutely astonishing after so much wasted time, and money before. I have already started telling everyone about it.


I think the ovulator is the best thing ever made, as before I purchased this unit, we had tried and tried mating 2 bitches and every time they didn’t catch. I wasted nearly 2 years in keeping trying to mate them. So when I purchased the unit, we found they were not ovulating properly due to fertility problems. Since then, my other two bitches have been tested and mated as indicated . One bitch produced 11 pups and the other 5 pups. I would recommend the ovulator to anybody. It was well worth the money.


I don’t have any problems with my bitches getting in whelp anymore coz I use the Draminski Ovulation Detector – Just wish you could find something as reliable that would show me which colours my dogs are carrying LOL.


I bought my Draminski from someone who was giving up breeding. I decided it would be a better long-term investment than getting blood tests at the vets. The first Lhasa bitch I tried it on has silent seasons and never swells much. The Draminski indicated she was ready way before I would have expected her to be ready and I did wonder if I was not using it correctly. However acting upon the readings, I walked into the stud dog’s house and he mated her within a few minutes. She had 5 pups. The second time of use, on an Irish Wolfhound, I was also spot on when I visited the stud dog. It is so much easier for myself, my bitches and the stud dog owners if I can be sure of the right day for mating. It saves money on petrol, saves valuable time and also relieves us all from the stress of worrying about not missing ovulation or whether the bitch is ready or gone over. Worth its weight in gold !!!


We purchased our Draminski just over a year ago and it has been accurate everytime. As we offer free returns on our matings, anything that our boys had previously missed to, we had back to board and test AND THEY ALL CAUGHT !!! We were very thrilled with our Ronnies 11 babies !!! In Bulldogdom, we all love our Draminski’s, all our mates already have one and are very pleased with it. Thanks for all your help.


Hello from a half-dead breeder ~ The Havanese litter came …….. ALL 9 OF THEM !!! Thanks for all your help. (She was mated on day 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) This is a World Record for the breed.


After 3 years of mating and no puppies, I had to find out what the problem was, so I purchased an ovulator and found the reason !!! I normally take my bitch for a swab on the 11th day of her season, but according to the readings, she was ovulating on day 9. I was completely missing the time of ovulation. As a result of using the unit, my bitch on her ‘LAST CHANCE’ produced 8 puppies and another bitch produced 10 puppies !!!

ANNA ZAKRZEWSKA (Pastor del Cáucaso, Pastor de Asia Central, AKITA, CHIHUAHUA)

Estoy muy contenta de él, ha sido una buena compra.


Como el médico veterinario y el críador utilizo el aparato siempre a la hora del apareamiento. Con él es posible diagnosticar algunas enfermedades y los trastornos del ciclo estral, por ejemplo la falta de ovulación.


El apareamiento de la perra de Bordeaux en Moscú en el año 2000, al entonces el Ganador Mundial. Debido a los asuntos personales la perra ha sido apareada solamente una vez según las indicaciones del aparato, a pesar de las insistencias del dueño reproductor para repetir la monta dentro de 48 horas. Nacieron 6 cachorros.

Después de este hecho el dueño del perro ordenó dos dispositivos y el otoño del 2000 dos dispositivos comprados en vuestra empresa salieron para Moscú. Aparentemente están muy contentos de su funcionamiento.

PIOTR GRZĘDZICKI (Pastores alemanes)

Fácil de uso, indicador lisible.


Todas las perras en nuestro criadero siempre están testados con este dispositivo y aquel test es el príncipal y el más importante indicador. En el caso de que otros síntomas no indican que sea “un buen día” siempre confiamos en el detector.

El éxito para mi es el hecho que desde que utilizo el detector solamente una vez ocurió la monta “vacía” y fue el resultado de mi culpa. No conozco nada que sea más fácil de uso. El tester es ergonómico de forma máxima, ligero, fácil de uso y en manutención de la limpieza, eficiente (ni sé como se cambia la batería).


He logrado obtener los cachorros de una perra que durante 4 temporadas ha estado montada sin resultados.


Soy críador español de perros de raza Cocker Spaniel y utilizo el Detector Electrónico de Ovulación (DOD) desde hace 14 años con los resultados excelentes. Igualmente dos de mis amigos lo compró por mi recomendación. Le debo tanto a este dispositivo que a uno de mis perros campeones le he llamado DRAMINSKI. Es un aparato muy fácil de uso que permite evitar numerosas pruebas de progesterona ahorrando el tiempo y el dinero.